The doctor of the future will no longer teach the human frame with drugs, but rather cure and prevent disease with NUTRITION.Thomas Edison
Your body is


American population
that is dehydrated


Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to flood your body and nourish itself at the cellular level. By using this method we can safely deliver larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated orally.
Some of the specific benefits people may experience include increased energy, enhanced mood, improved sleep, decreased stress and anxiety, increased immunity, hydration, and muscle recovery.



Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water.
Even losing 1.5% of fluids can lead to a drop in physical performance, cognitive ability and mood. If we lose more than 5% of our body water, dehydration can be deadly.
In spite of how critical proper hydration is to how the body functions, 75% of Americans experience dehydration on a daily basis. More likely than not, that means you are probably dehydrated!

No matter how healthy you eat, its just a fact that food we consume is not as nutritious as our bodies need, leaving us with nutritional deficiencies.



• Working parents
• Stay-at-home parents
• Teachers


Do you wake up feeling tired and wonder where you are going to find the energy to get it all done? Being a parent, whether stay-at-home or working, is extremely demanding.
The Mommy IV is designed to help you feel refreshed and look healthy.
Specific nutrients are added to:
- Boost your energy

- Jump start your metabolism
- Increase your patience and calm your mood
The Mommy IV can even help your body shed some of that baby weight (and is safe if breast-feeding)



• Travelers
• Flu-season
• Pre/post-treatment


Anyone who's suffered from illness or disease knows how it feels to be down and out.
The Immune IV is designed to boost your immune system back into recovery.
Specific nutrients are added to:
- Increase our immune cell activity

- Provide vitamins and minerals that are toxic to viruses we encounter

Essentials such as Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B are vital to this treatment.
This IV is ideal for jet lag, recovering from a treatment, or preparing for flu-season.



• Work-a-holics
• The social season
• Start-up entrepreneur


Being an executive requires you to be on your game 100% of the time. Between working late hours, high stress calls, and entertaining clients, it can be difficult to take care of your body.
The Executive IV is designed to hydrate,
nourish, and energize you.
Specific nutrients are added to:
- Increase mind clarity
- Sharpen focus
- Improve mood
- Boost energy weight loss
We highly recommend this IV on a weekly basis due to the stress and high blood pressure we so often see in executives.



• Pre/post-competition
• Throughout training
• Athletes needing to cut weight


Striving to be bigger, better, faster and stronger by pushing our bodies can take its toll.
The Jock IV is designed to replenish your body with the nutrients necessary to continue training and competing at an excelled level.
Specific nutrients are added to:
- Shape protein and muscle recovery
with added Amino Acids
- Build stamina, energy and endurance
with added B vitamins
- Increase strength, speed up recovery
time and reduce fatigue
We recommend this treatment before or after a big competition, and throughout your training.



• Weight loss
• Holidays
• New Years resolution


Whatever your reasoning for slimming down,
this IV can help you succeed.
The Slim IV is designed to induce
your body’s natural metabolic system.
Specific nutrients are added to:

- Boost your body’s metabolic power by providing a highly effective temporary increase of normal metabolic functions
- Assist in the breakdown of fats
- Help lower cholesterol, thereby preventing excess fat buildup
A combination of amino acids and nutrients are added to this IV to help your body work
towards weight loss.



• Work-a-holics
• The social season
• Start-up entrepreneur


At some point we have all been low on energy and had to drag our tired bodies out of bed.
The Energize IV is designed to advance energy levels, especially during the demanding times in our lives.

Specific nutrients are added to:
- Boost B-12 levels to help you feel young again
- Revitalize your body and accelerate your bodies natural recovery time
This IV is excellent for suppressing mid-day drowsiness.


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B-12 Booster

Info about B-12 Boosters


Energy, immunity skin, we highly recommend this add on.

Myoden (AMP)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We like to prepare our clients for the worst. So expect to sleep better, wake up more energized, have a better mood, and mentally be able to focus for longer. Good Luck!
Not to fear, our trained professional staff have years of experience and techniques designed to make this as pain and worry free as possible.
Absolutely! Our team of medical professionals are overseen by a Medical Director, and licensed by the state health department. We use top quality supplies from a US based supplier and all of our staff are fully trained and licensed.
You may have slight brusing depending on your skin type, but tracks are from drugs burning the vien and skin. We do not administer drugs, just vitamins and nutrients.
Your body can only absorb a certain amount of vitamins orally, IV vitamins provide your body with vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream for maximum efficiency and absorption.
We visit in the phoenix, scottsdale, and Paradise Valley areas. If you wish to have service outside of these areas, we charge a small travel free after 25 miles.